The Lizard of Oz


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Recorded @ the World Famous Milestone Club
by Dane Abernathy & Jonathon Hughes 2015
Mastered @ Studio B by Dave Harris


released June 6, 2016

Chris Cauble-Bass/Vox and credit for all Music/Lyrics
Thomas Whitley-Drums
Andy Cauble- Gtr
*Jonathon "Battleship" Hughes Gtr lead in Reflections
Cover Art- Jerry Mcquay Charlotte Art league
Huge Thanx to Tim Harris



all rights reserved


GREEVACE Charlotte, North Carolina

GREEVACE embodies the spirit of real heavy music. Inspired by all loud guitar music from classic rock, metal, punk, hardcore, etc, no one is going to call it anything but Heavy Metal. Power and melody are keys to the style, but the bottom line is good songs. Playing on their namesake definition lyrically, there is a cryptic element of that which threatens and is threatened. ... more

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Track Name: Earth War
Silence slithers all around
The air seems the breathe as if alive Tense, the stage is set for war
The xenomorphs await to claim their prize
Earth our infected home Wasteland of chaos Experiment gone awry We tampered with nature
Tribes gathered from their lairs
Ready to assemble for the Queen Scourge, Nemesis of Man
Hives established all throughout the land
Who can stop the plague? Save us destruction? Spare us the onslaught? Survival our triumph
Imagine a species whose first conscious act of life
Is but to kill, to proliferate the kind Instinct to serve the swarm Protecting their birthright Preserving their lifeline
Preventing extinction This is Not a Test
This is a National State of Emergency Infestation levels have reached an all-time high We must take to the Skies
Into the catacombs, cocoons from which they spawn To breed the deadliest of the species ever known Their need to serve the swarm, to protect at any cost Willing to sacrifice their lives if be the loss
Long Live the Queen The Queen is Dead
Track Name: Prey
Many times i have tracked and followed you Waiting for your fall
Always one step behind you
Catch you when you call
On your trail hunger fuels my eagerness I catch wind of your scent
Plotting how i'll ensnare you
Get you in my grip
Pray to the One God of Mercy For i know not what i do
Bow to the harsh crush of glory As I’m ripping right through you
Forgive me Father for my sins for I know not what I do Bow to the harsh crush of glory
As i'm ripping right through you
Prey to the One who grants salvation
The saviour of you soul
Beg for the end, annihilation I’m raging uncontrolled
I’ll be the one to bring you down I’ll tear your one world into two i will brand you on your soul
My conquest, I’ll destroy you
Track Name: Blood
Always thought that I knew you Thought you were my best friend Loved you like no other
Made me think again
In the past it was us versus them
You let this come between us
And now it's you and me
How do you feel inside when you look me in the eye? Karma says you will get yours and you know I will get mine Blood, do you want blood?
I know what pulls you in, something missing in yourself
Weakness consuming you, your denial, no one else
You now it makes me sick to see what you have come to be Another stab into my back, I know there's something up your sleeve Blood, do you want blood?
Track Name: Reflections
Tempest of visions haunts me Erupting chaos in my mind Still searching for the answers The reasons why I cannot find
Waded through all the anguish
A bitter taste you left in my mouth Weathered the storm of betrayal Your apathy, you sold me out Wounded but never fallen
I will survive the test of time Showdown you know will come
I will be back to claim what's mine
Through the years it's made me harder All of you should know
Revenge is sweet but pain is stronger How you will know
In through a window in my mind's eye I've seen the future, a past denied Reflections echo a storm inside
This kiss of vengeance will be mine
Seething, a fire that burns deep in my soul I haven’t forgotten you now
Waited for this time to come
My will be done
Hatred, I am avowed to destroy I haven't forgotten this now
I will exact my revenge
My retribution
Kiss of Judas-bittersweet
Now you cower, taste defeat
My will to power, my will to be
The sword of vengeance-last thing you see
Track Name: Greevance
Feel something wrong, there's no denying it Something inside it knows
Time enough, became a part of me
Crossed a line and now I can't let go
I've come to know it more than I ever wanted
It breaks me down yet somehow it gave me strength I am in awe, it mesmerizes me
Haunts my dreams and puts poison into my soul
It knows, It grows, It burns my soul
It calls, It crawls, It grabs me
I don't know how it seems to follow me Always finds me no matter where I go
It is my shadow, knows my every move
Lives inside me where Spirit touches flesh
It gives me dreams and tells me of its secrets It draws me in again and again
Whispering tales, tales of HIdden Kingdoms Like a Lamb with it I am led
In dreams it screams, It creeps through me My soul it blinds, It frees me
It knows, It grows, It calls, It burns my soul It's prey, I'm led and It is fed
Tell me the Secret
Tell me the Secret that I want to know Tell me the Secret that I know
Track Name: The Lizard of Oz
Everything you've known has been lies Hidden hands conspire throughout time Secret knowledge kept, so inane
Welcome to the Age of a World Gone Insane
Reason has been cast far away
Hope it seems for all starts to fade
Take as needed for pain you feel
What can't be revealed is that you are enslaved
Camouflaged chameleons, slithering reptilians They eat their own just for the thrill
Vultures feed upon the roadkill
They glorify and honor thieves
Wolves in drag among the sheep Insatiable their relentless need
Sucking blood to the bottom they will feed
From spark to flame a Revolution soon will follow Uprising happens in the blinking of an eye
Grab a torch the Apocalypse is coming
Kingdoms crumble with the turning of the tides
Controlling all that should be free Onto your knees before the TV
The Propagargantuan Machine lulls you to dream a deepened sleep Enslavement to their technology
Is that what we have come to be?
The Lizard hides now behind the screen
Awake the Giant before it gets too bleak Freedom that you know has its price We must offer sacrifice
Right to think, right to feel, right to question, right to heal
Right to question, right to heal, right to strike them, right to kill
Everything you have ever loved soon will die Everything you have ever loved soon could die
Revolt, reveal, hunt, take, claim, strike, defy, divide